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  The Natural History Approach to Maintaining Ecological BalanceLiu Huajie 中国论文网   The ecological crisis in modern society is basically due to man’s not properly restraining his desires and developing multifarious strong forces in order to defeat and deceive nature. Present science and technology policy and institutional arrangement in every country still follow the old-fashioned premises. But according to The Book of Tao and Teh, only nature and natural process can be claimed as shenqi, the almighty power. The concept of Anthropocene and the idea of unpredictability from complexity science remind us that it is necessary to revive the old tradition of natural history, which is interesting enough and helps to maintain the ecological balance.
  A Natural Naturalist: Professor Liu Huajie’s Life Experience and Academic RoadTian Song
  Professor Liu Huajie is the advocate, practitioner and theorist of China’s new natural history(Bowuology). This paper introduces Liu Huajie’s individual experience and academic thought, and discusses the relationships between them by covering his change from scientism to anti-scientism, his contribution to establishing the theoretical school of criticizing science communication in China(he proposed to solve the problem of stances), his academic communication and practical application of sociology scientific knowledge(SSK), his engagement of the reality, and especially his theoretical construction of the new natural history. Life experience, reality and the text world are united into one to Professor Liu Huajie.
  Whose Ecosystem and Whose Ecology:A Review of Professor Liu Huajie’s Thought on EcologyZhang Jifeng
  Ecosystem belongs to all of us, but ecology belongs to the few. In term of the interaction between knowledge and power, grasping the discourse power of ecology means gaining the control power of ecosystem and vice versa. The cognition and practice of ecosystem support and prove each other. Therefore, ecosystem only belongs to all of us nominally, but belongs to a minority of people actually. The community formed by the few becomes the incarnation of absolute truth, only allowing internal reviews and rejects external supervisions and queries, which is very unreasonable and dangerous. To give the ecosystem back to all of us, one feasible way is to revive natural history. From this point of view, Professor Liu Huajie’s endeavor of advocating and reviving natural history has a far-reaching revolutionary significance.   Natural History Welcomed back by Chinese Scholars:An Interview with Prof. Liu Huajie
  Yang Xueni & Liu Huajie
  Natural history is an ancient wisdom with a history of thousands of years, and is also one of the four traditions in natural science, though without a position in the present discipline system under the Ministry of Education. In the last decade, Prof. Liu Huajie at Peking University has been an advocate of the revival of education of natural history, calling for living as a naturalist, and leading his postgraduates to be engaged in the historical research of natural history. The main works of Prof. Liu include Semantics and Philosophy of Chaos, Fractal Art, Alternative Science of China,Living as a Naturalist, Personal Encounters with Plants, Botanical Journeys in Hawaii, Cultures of Natural History and Historiography of Science, From the View of Natural History, Wild Flowers in Chongli, The Emperor of the Central Region was called Hun-tun(Chaos), etc. Prof. Liu was has won Huo Yingdong Prize, Wenjin Award of National Library of China, Silver Medal of Popular Science Readings of Wu Ta-you Prize in the Taiwan region, Gold Award of China Science Writers’ Association and Award of the 6th Excellent Publications of China, etc. He also works as the Chief Specialist of Study of the Relationship between Western Cultures of Natural History and Public Ecological Consciousness, which belongs to the Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China.
  Yang Xueni is a postgraduate studying under Prof. Liu in the research direction of Philosophy of Science and Technology. Commissioned by the Editorial Department of Journal of Poyang Lake, Yang made an academic interview with Prof. Liu about cultures of natural history and related theories and practice on ecology, philosophy, natural science, etc. The interview was conducted via email during June 18th to 23th, the content of which is shared below.
  A Study of the Cognitive Difference in Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution Based on a Survey of 754 Pig Farmers in Five ProvincesKong Fanbin,Zhang Weiping & Pan Dan
  Based on the survey data of 754 pig farmers in five provinces, we studied the cognitive difference from different farmers in livestock and poultry breeding pollution through comparative analysis and crosstabs chi-square testing. The results show that there are obvious differences in the cognition of livestock and poultry breeding pollution between different areas, different educational levels and different scales. According to the results, we propose innovative ways of publicity and offer solutions to increasing farmers’ awareness of livestock and poultry breeding pollution and their ability to prevent and control pollution.   The Role of Green Economy in Achieving Sustainable DevelopmentTamara Vital’evna Uskova
  The article is devoted to the issue of sustainable development. It emphasizes the severity of environmental pollution and the possible negative consequences for the global economy if the environmental component is neglected further. Green economy is the basic framework for the transition of the global economy to the sustainable development model. Special attention is paid to the relevance of the transition to green economy for the Russian Federation. The author offers a list of the most important objectives and the solution of which will help the Russian economy implement the principles of green economy and shift to the model of sustainable development.
  To the Issue of Socio-Environmental Responsibility of BusinessEkaterina Dmitrievna Kopytova
  The article is devoted to one of the most urgent issues, that is the issue of ecological component of economic activity which should be viewed as one of the aspects of corporate social responsibility. The paper presents the main approaches to the essence of this economic category. It is established that corporate social responsibility is considered as responsibility of economic entities for the results of decisions of their activities on the economy, society and the environment, and their behavior promotes the social and economic development of the territories. The paper considers the key parameters for the development of environmental responsibility in Russia and abroad. The article reveals current trends of business involvement in issues of environmental development of the Russian Federation. It is proved that the development strategy of the institution of corporate social responsibility should promote the dissemination of existing experience and motivation to take part in territory development, and this strategy should be aimed at the development of a package of measures to expand the practice of applying these principles in the activities of businesses.
  On the Basic Theoretical Issues of the Social Work of Environmental Protection in ChinaQu Zhenhui
  The social work of environmental protection is a new field of social work which comes into being in the overlap between environmental protection and social work and is of important significance to facilitate environmental protection in China. However, there are many theoretical problems to be clarified in this field. Promoted by the modernization of national governance in our country, it also depends on the theoretical breakthrough and the need of practice. The concept of the social work of environmental protection is more accurate than other relevant concepts because it better summarizes the connotation and denotation of this field. Its theoretical foundation is based on the primary theories of social work, environmental sociology and environmental protection, but it should have its own theoretical framework which is mainly about the work content and the work method. Government promotion, social organization participation and enterprise intervention are three approaches to the future development of environmental protection in China.   Marx and Engels’ Critical Theory of Ecological Alienation and its Contemporary EnlightenmentYu Baoqing
  When confronted with the increasingly critical ecological alienation in capitalist society, Marx and Engels elaborated systematically and comprehensively on the dialectical unity of man and nature, arguing that nature was the inorganic body of man while man had made his own mark on nature. The transformation between human and natural material, energy and information was achieved through social practice and the relationship between man and nature was directly the relationship between man and man. They also revealed the cognitive and institutional roots of the ecological alienation in capitalist society and put forward detailed solutions, the premise of which was changing ideas, the core of which was reforming system, and the key of which was developing science and technology. Marx and Engels’ critical theory of ecological alienation is of great significance to solve the increasingly serious ecological problems in our era and reflect and guide our socialist ecocivilization construction.
  The Cultivation of Ecological Citizenship for Environmental Justice:A Perspective of Restructuring the Relationship between Human and NatureZhou Guowen & Jia Guijun
  The global environmental crisis has been worse and worse, especially in developing countries. With the increasingly closer global communication, it is necessary to follow the trend of the times to foster ecological citizenship for environmental justice. This paper explains the concept and the theoretical development process of ecological citizenship, clarifies the concept of environmental justice and the role that ecological citizenship plays in sustaining environmental justice and then proposes measures to cultivate ecological citizenship from three aspects: consciousness, action and rule of law. It also explores the significance that ecological citizenship has to reconstruct the relationship between human and nature in order to provide suggestions on how to define the value of environmental justice and how to foster the majority of ecological citizenship for ecological civilization construction in China. Moreover, it invites joint efforts to build a beautiful and prosperous ecosociety that develops harmoniously and sustainably.
  Emerson’s “The Rhodora” and Its Ecological SignificanceZhu Xinfu
  In “The Rhodora”, one of his many nature poems, R.W. Emerson, while sketching the unwrought wilderness of colonial North America through a description of the rhodora’s subsistence and its environment, tries to capture the spirit and trait of the early settlers with the rhodora as a symbol. In this 16-line poem, the rhodora epitomizes both natural beauty and spiritual beauty and therefore symbolizes external beauty and inner beauty. It not only reflects the spirituality and intrinsic value of nature as Emerson highlights in his Nature, but also elucidates his central ideas that “beauty is its own excuse for Being” and “the self-same power that brought me there, brought you.” This poem fully shows Emerson’s poetic style and thought which can be summarized as philosophical poetry, poetic philosophy or a oneness of the two, which may help us reorient ourselves to the nexus between man and nature.   An Overview of American Wilderness Literature ResearchHu Ying
  It is necessary to examine the research of American wilderness literature since wilderness has played an important role in American history and culture. The research about American wilderness literature is carried out in three ways: first, some discuss the influence of wilderness literature on the formation of American wilderness thought system; second, some attach importance to the reflection and representation of the wilderness literature on the physical wilderness in America, paying attention to the nature and wilderness description in American literature. They tease out the developing skeleton of nature and wilderness literature from the perspective of literature history, and evaluate and measure their aesthetic value and significance from the perspective of literature criticism. The third way of study mainly focuses on the relationship between American wilderness literature and American wilderness protection movement, observing literature in view of culture and society, examining the social function of literature. A common characteristic of these researches is that they all lay emphasis on the relationship between wilderness literature and physical wilderness. At present, however, when the physical wilderness has almost disappeared, wilderness literature study may be done from more diversified and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  For an Ecosocialist EthicsMichael L■wy
  As a formidable reification machine, capital has an intrinsic nature that is “non-ethical”. At the root of this incompatibility between capital and ethics, one finds the phenomenon of quantification. The quantitative values, measured by numbers, dissolve and destroy qualitative values, including ethical values, thus making the capitalist economy structurally incompatible with ethical principles. Socialism and ecology therefore share some qualitative social values that cannot be reduced to the market, while ecosocialism has succeeded in reconciling the two approaches. Within this context, ecosocialist ethics embodies several main elements: it is a social ethics, a humanist ethics, an egalitarian ethics, a democratic ethics, and a radical ethics.
  Will Allen and his The Good Food RevolutionSong Lili
  The problems of food security, visible and invisible, have not only attracted more and more attention but also reflected injustice and inequality in the urban environment. The Good Food Revolution, Will Allen’s autobiographical work is a book in such a context. It recounts how he picks up farming against the terrible memory of sharecropper; how he struggles against the racial injustice of food system by practicing urban agriculture and how he becomes a leading hero in the unprecedented American good food revelation to challenge the threat of industrial fast food to health. Will Allen advocates food justice and equality, transcending races, and building a harmonious society. His sense of responsibility and his foresight prove to be heroic in an urbanized age when life and health are under hard pressure.





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